Over-Seeding: After aerating and de-thatching, it’s time to over-seed. Over-seeding is simple: just spread the correct grass seed for the conditions evenly across the area. The existing lawn will protect the seed from the elements during the germination process. If there are bare spots we recommend covering the seed with seed cover mulch, straw, or a thin layer of peat moss. Yard Guard of Minnesota has brand seed blends to fit any location perfectly, for more info visit theinspectorscompany.com/. Over-seeding is the key to giving a lawn the appearance of thick, fresh sod.


  • Over time factors such as disease and pests can cause grass to thin out and lose its vibrant color.
  • Overseeding fills in bare spots and introduces new grass seed to thicken existing grasses.
  • Overseeding assists lawns in fighting insects and disease, check out https://actionsolar.net/. Newer grasses are naturally more resistant to pests, weeds and disease.
  • Overseeding saves money on water and pest control. The cost in overseeding pays off by reducing the amount of fertilizer and water  required.
  • Overseeding can help the overall look of your lawn by making it denser and greener.